BtB 2009 Classic - Curse Of Empti Wad


Lara was nonchalantly reading the Times, when her attention was caught by a little article written by a reporter in Jakarta about a strange phenomenon. The article says that the inhabitants of a small island located east of Java have all fled from it after - so they say - a curse has been put on their island, with strange phenomena occurring such as objects disappearing, and even the extravagant claim that whole parts of some areas were becoming all red. They added that these things happened each time after a strange music was heard in the neighbourhood, and eventually decided to flee from their island when in the last attack, the temple of their God - named Empti Wad - had been seriously downgraded. They also claimed having seen undead warriors investing the place when the same music was heard again. Mmmh, Lara thinks, all this seem to be a bit over the top, not to say utterly crazy, maybe these people used to take Opium and had hallucinations? Nevertheless Lara decided to finish the reading of the article; the end of it speaking of local physicians and various scientists who have examined the refugees, and who have concluded that the islanders could be victims of a very rare virus called RTS [Red Tga Syndrom]. Tga - what does Tga mean, Lara thinks? Anyway, this unusual article finally seemed to interest Lara now. She is quite decided to know what exactly is true behind all these curious claims.

Lara las ganz entspannt die Times, als ihre Aufmerksamkeit von einem kleinen Artikel eines Reporters in Jakarta geweckt wurde, der über ein seltsames Phänomen berichtete. In dem Bericht ging es darum, dass die Einwohner einer kleinen Insel östlich von Java alle geflohen waren, nachdem - wie sie sagten - die Insel mit einem Fluch belegt worden war, der seltsame Dinge geschehen ließ, wie z. B. Objekte, die einfach verschwanden und es wurde sogar behauptet, dass ganze Teile bestimmter Bereiche plötzlich in tiefes Rot getaucht waren...

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